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Gericke Architectural Services is a Gansbaai based architectural services practice servicing the Architectural and Property Industry since 2007 and dedicated to green design solutions.

We specialise in residential design and the homes we design are as unique as our clients are. We also have the necessary qualifications and still proceed to attend workshops and courses to broaden our expertise and knowledge to be kept with all the new trends in the industry.

Gericke Architectural Services provide a professional, quick and cost effective CAD Drafting and Drawing service for Building services Consultants and Contractors in Overstrand area. The type of work that we undertake varies from new houses and light commercial designs to alterations, extensions and many more...

We provide a full liaison service with the Local Authority and any required specialists, to ensure a speedy approval and thus quick commencement on building.


We are registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (www.sacapsa.com) as a Professional Architectural Draughtsman and thus complying with all regulations.

Since 2007 we've been in training and we have conquered a lot of assignments and projects with a satisfactory outcome.

We cater for all your building requirements, from small extensions through to new homes, from sketch design to full working drawings for plan approval at council. We also do a full service consulting with engineers and other consultants as needed and required.


    You bring your ideas, and we come up with the ideal building plans for your dream home. We have a professional interest in making sure that our clients get the ideal home building plans that they want to present to the builder. It is important for us that you are happy with the design that we have provided for you, and therefore, Gericke Architectural Services does not just go ahead and draw, but sits with you, listening to your dreams and visions. Only once we have a clear idea and picture of what you want, do we proceed to create your home building plans.

    Our expert staff help clients gain all the necessary info and permissions to make your dream a reality. We deliver a personal, professional service, tailored to your individual needs.

    Starting from scratch building your dream home, doing alterations, extensions, conversions or renovating can be at least time consuming and overall confusing, not to mention getting planning permissions. What to do? Who to speak to and getting the right answers can be the reason why so many people's dreams just stay dreams and never become a reality.

    With my Architectural background and experience of draughting in the building industry identified this need of a more approachable and easy way of renovating and building of homes. We decided on a friendly one on one approach answering all questions and guiding client's to their ultimate dream realization. We then start to apply my draughting skills and software application (AutoCAD) to draught house plans.

    Gericke Architectural Services is a practice that will provide quality and affordable house plan draughting and submission related services, to all clients, which will decrease any expenditure on projects and increase profit by means of providing mainly knowledge of Architectural draughting/ draughting related and other services.

    Gericke Architectural Services is the way forward in any client’s preparation building exploit


We work in close relation with local contractors, sub contractors and other consultants to complete the project efficiently and effectively and we can refer them with ease.

Consultants :

  • Structural Engineers
  • Land Surveyors
  • Fire Engineers
  • Health & Safety Officers
  • Town Planner
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Quantity Surveyor or Cost Estimator

We do it all! We have the experience and we have the Plans!

Discuss your house plan requirements with us and we'll help as far as possible with your plans.

Doing the right thing can’t be the wrong thing!


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